Christine! I'm Disappointed in You!


Ringing Telephone



   I answered the phone call of a friend of mine today and the first words out of his      mouth were:



Christine! I'm Disappointed in YOU!  My stomach twisted into knots and I asked why?  He said because I didn't hear from you last week!  Now, I'm thinking I missed a birthday, an anniversary, or some kind of event and how did I miss something like that and mess up.  I am one to always call and send notes for birthdays and so on.


So, I ask, what did I miss?  He said his listing contract expired and he heard from all kinds of agents - phone ringing off the wall, letters mailed and even packages delivered via UPS and FEDEX, but he did not hear from me!  He saw my husband yesterday and even told him he was disappointed and didn't Mike relay the message  - noooooooo! 


With this I started to laugh!    And I said now Steven, you should know by now, I just don't do business that way!


stop hand                          


 Let me back up a minute here!

You may be asking if this is a friend, why is his house listed with someone else?  Well,  I barely knew Steven when he listed his house with the same agent that helped a neighbor of his.  In the period of time since he listed his house, my husband and him have become good friends, they  met on the golf course through another mutual friend, thus in the past year, we've all been doing things together.  In the meantime, Steven has met another of our friends who is one of my biggest fans and throughout the course of this past year Steven has heard on numerous occasions how 'wonderful' I am through this friend of ours.  So, as Steven has become truly disappointed with his agent (and not because of the market, he knows that his house will be a tough sell in this economy, not many million dollar buyers in the Cleveland area right now), disappointed for other reasons, Steven has begun to call with a question here and there.  

I am earning his trust through these conversations.  And when his sister needed a referral for  real estate, it was my number he gave to her and I am happy to say I am helping his sister with her real estate needs.


Anyway, teasingly I asked, and who's number did you call?  Mine!  Not theirs!  We had a good laugh over it and all the gimmicks that have been thrown at him since his listing expired.  

At this point, he is not sure what he will do, there is not much of market for that type of house in our area at this time and he has had virtually no showings at all.  He wants to think and talk it over with his family if and how they want to move forward and if they do decide to re-list, it will be me who gets the call!

I will have earned his business with no tricks -gimmicks -fancy scripts & closes or empty promises - Just the simple willingness to listen and give honest answers.  


And that is a good feeling!







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