In A Perfect World...

...A buyer would call up 3 - 4 days before they want to see a few houses and I can make the appointments in a timely fashion.

As Real Estate Reality would have it, the perfect world does not always exist!

When my buyer called me last night to say she was able to get some free time today to look at a few homes, I told her no problem - it's before 8:00 pm and I still have time to call the showing company to make my appointments.

So, I pull up the listings to make my appointments and I'm going along fine making my appointments with the showing company - easy as can be!


Then I see it - the dreaded   "Call Listing Agent For Appointment"

And I cringe, wondering will I get an answer?  Will I get a return phone call?  How long until the agent calls me back? 

Last night I left my message, explaining I had a late call to see their listing and left the details for the showing today.

black and white question marks


Guess when I got my return phone call!


Can you guess! ?




Tonight at 10:30!!!!  Yep, you read that correctly!  And with the excuse and apology that he was in some kind of meeting all day.    Really?   No time to return my call?  What about the car ride, lunch break or even a bathroom break.  I wonder how the client would feel if they knew he was too busy to make an appointment to show their home.  And sadly, this is common. 

Personally, I use a showing company.  The showing company is there for me when I am sitting at a listing appointment, out showing buyers or in a meeting.  It is also much more efficient and convenient for the agents wishing to make a showing appointment. 

How many buyer's will buy a home without viewing the home?  Not too many, so it's our job to get the buyers in the door.   Using the showing company helps me be better at my job!












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