Keeping The Year In Plain Sight

Keeping The Year In Plain Sight


Truth be told, I am terrible at goal setting and planning.  I am truly a fly by the seat of my pants kind of gal!  Like deciding to take a family trip in less than a week is my norm.


So when I was at a seminar some years back and heard about vision boards, my ears perked up and something inside me said, now this I can do.


I spent some time researching the vision board concept  and really liked it.  I've been creating vision boards ever since.


vision pictures           Vision Board with words      Vision Board Goals


Vision Boards can be created in many different ways, pictures only, pictures with words, words only or even for specific events.  It is my understanding that the vision board concept originated from the film industry and has grown to everyday use.  

My board has what I want to accomplish for the year, both personally and professionally, pictures, words and my daily affirmations.  I have it hanging right next to my computer, so I cannot miss it.  I see it everyday and it is a reminder of what I need to do.  It is also a great way of reminding myself of what I have done so far and if something is not working, it makes it easier for me to adjust because it is always in my face.  Ever notice, when you write  your goals down, most people don't look at them again, well that doesn't happen with the vision boards because you keep them in plain sight.  

I recently read about a cool tip for the vision board,  to keep a balance in your world, give as well as receive,  on the one side of the board you have all your wants and on the other side of the vision board have all that you want to give back.     Awesome!  Isn't it?   I am definitely putting that into place for my 2011 board.  

The vision boards are also really fun to put together.  I'll put my 2011 board together in November and dismantle my 2010 board, as I am thinking about what I'd like to do in 2011, I am also being thankful for what I did do in 2010.   Acknowledging your accomplishment is really important for your well being.  I am very hard on myself, so those minutes are good for my soul.

If goal setting is not one of your strengths, think about putting together a vision board.

Have fun dreaming!






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